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The Sinuwave Photodisinfection System

Sinuwave is Photodisinfection for chronic sinusitis

The Sinuwave system will treat patients with chronic sinusitis for whom medical and surgical therapies have been ineffective. The Sinuwave treatment process will be similar to existing in-office procedures currently performed by ENT specialists.

Photodisinfection has demonstrated a 4 log reduction (99.99%) in bacterial load in other systems and Sinuwave is expected to generate a similar outcome. Additionally, other benefits of treatment observed in similar applications of photodisinfection are expected with Sinuwave, such as:

  • the reduction of pain,
  • the absence of drug interactions,
  • the absence of any patient compliance issues, and
  • the reduction of multiple pathogens, including viruses, fungi and antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Sinuwave is currently approved in Canada and undergoing a clinical trial at the University of Montreal.

The Company’s products are designed to be deployed into both outpatient clinics and hospital inpatient settings.