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Uses And Future Growth

Photodynamic Therapy has Been Used Safely for Many Years and is Already Being Used for Mucosal Photodisinfection in a Dental Setting

Use of PDT in the clinical setting dates back to the early nineteen hundreds and has been used to treat various types of cancers, skin conditions and a range of other pathologies since that time. Examples of treatments using PDT include Photofrin for treatment of lung carcinomas and Barrett’s esophagus, Metvix and Levulan Kerastick for treatment of actinic keratosis or basal carcinoma and Visudyne for treatment of age-related macular degeneration.

The safety and efficacy of aPDT has been demonstrated in other clinical applications for mucosal disease, including treatment of periodontal disease and prevention of hospital acquired infections. Sinuwave acquired its aPDT technology from its parent company Ondine Biomedical Inc., a leader in developing photodisinfection-based products. The first product commercialized by Ondine, Periowave, is a dental product that assists the clinician in treating the complex oral biofilm infections involved in periodontitis, peri-implantitis, and other endodontic infections.

A second product commercialized by this management team, the MRSAid™ Photodisinfection System, is designed to safely and effectively decolonize pathogenic micro-organisms such as MRSA from the nares of peri-operative patients, resulting in significant reductions in the number and cost of surgical site infections. The MRSAid system has recently demonstrated excellent outcomes in a 6,000 patient decolonization program at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH). VGH has adopted universal decolonization using the MRSAid system as a standard protocol for general, emergent and elective surgeries. There have been no serious adverse events associated with Photodisinfection therapy. Vancouver General was awarded the 2013 ICPIC Innovation Award at ICPIC, a premier infection control conference endorsed by the World Health Organization.

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